Massie Block is the alpha of her clique, the Pretty Committee, and goes to O.C.D (her school). She is described as a chesnet colored brunette that is all attitude. From having the latest designer fashion to the most catchy comebacks, she is the envy of the school. She is also the most feared. In the first book, The Clique, a new girl named Claire moves into Massie's guesthouse and Massie was horribly mean to her. By the end of Best Friends For Never, they were becoming friends, and in Revenge of the Wannabes, they were close. Massie and her friends have code names for the people they don't like, the L.B.R.'s also known as losers beyond repairs. Even though Massie Block can be mean, she is still gorgeous on the outside. She is the second prettiest in the school. She has a brown, shoulder legnth bob in the first book. In the second, she gets caramel colored hoghlights. In the third, it is the same without the highlights. In Bratfest at Tiffany's, she gets a purple highlight on the right side and we all find out the real reason is because she was in Be Pretty cosmetics in Massie, the summer collection book. Her hair is always stunning! Massie's favorite color is purple, the color of royalty. She has the best style in Westchester, New York, and it is always 100% designer. Even her room is amazing looking, the ipad, as her friends call it. It is all white with some purple showing up more and more. She has a black pug named Bean and a horse named Brownie. Massie is never caught without her signature charm bracelet. Also, she keeps up on the latest boy trends. Massie has gone from Chris Abely, to Cam, to Derrick Harrington, or Darrington as she likes to call him. To sum it all up, Massie block is the coolest person alive. She is the pretty, stylish girl everyone wants to be!