This is the 3rd book in the Clique Summer Collection spinoff series by Lisi Harrison. It was released June 2008.


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Alicia arrives in Spain. She finds out that a spanish singer, ¡I!, is looking for a spanish beauty for his new music video.

She decides she is going to try out for it.

Her cousins (Nina and her twin sisters) welcome her.They are very nice to her because to her because of her designer clothes.
She goes to a party with them and her and Nina break a $34,000 statue.
The owner is mad and tells them they can work at the hotel to pay back for the statue.
Meanwhile, a British boy starts following Alicia around. She tries to avoid him because she's dressed in horrible clothes.

Later she admits that she wants to be in the music video because she is tired of people calling her Fake Spanish (especially Massie). At first Nina plays a few pranks on her to get revenge on what she did to her when she came to US.

Finally they become friends and together they try to get the twins to miss the auditions for the music video. It doesn't work though.
Alicia & Nina are late for the auditions and the twins get the role.
Later they find out ¡I! wont be able to come to music video shooting and his stand-in would come.

Everybody is disgusted because he's not as cute as I!. At the end Nina and Alicia figure out that the British boy is I!.

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