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Alicia is the beta of the Pretty Committee at Octavian County Day School or (OCD). She loves gossip and actually wants to be a reporter when she grows up, and practices in front of a mirror. She always wants to become the leader of the Pretty Committee, because for now, she's just Massie's beta. Twice has she attempted to take over. She loves to dance and is the second-best dancer at Body Alive Dance Studio, behind Skye Hamilton. She is actually half-Spanish and half-English, moving Massie to call her Fannish (Fake Spanish). She wants to be a Spalpha (Spanish Alpha) in the book. In truth, she was and always will be....a beta. In, The Tale of Two Pretties, Alicia kinda of becomes alpha. In the end, Massie gives her a charm braclet before she goes, to show she is the new Alpha.

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As before mentioned, Alicia is extremely beautiful, even more so than Massie, the alpha of the Pretty Committee. Her hair is very long and dark, she has chocolate-brown eyes, and she has C-cups, making her a crush of Josh Hotz, and she returns it. She is often called a "ten" by boys at Briarwood, and with her friend Olivia Ryan, make a "twenty". Alicia has an intense love for all things vintage Ralph Lauren.

Alicia and Massie Edit

Alicia and Massie are best friends. Alicia is Massie's beta, and although they are best friends, she tries to take over and become the new Alpha. Every time Alicia tries to take over, Massie always manages to outsmart Alicia and Alicia ends up crawling back to Massie, sorry she ever tried to oust her.

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Alicia was the meanest girl at{{Welcome==Hi there!==



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Trivia Edit

  • Alicia likes saying things such as "Point", "Heart", "Given", and "Done".
  • Alicia absolutely has a phobia of running, although she has ran a few times, because her dad told her she was too beutiful, she should make people wait.
  • Her mother was an international supermodel.
  • Her dad had to change his last name "Rivers" to "Rivera" so, her grandparents could bless her mom and dad's marriage.