About Civility Edit

Civility -- The most important factor in keeping the peace in an online community. While this should go without saying, all users on Massie Block wiki should be polite to each other. This is especially important here, because any place dealing with cliques is bound to have some uncivil discussion every once in a while. Just remember: You are here to build a database of information on Massie Block and the Clique, and to meet new people -- not to put others down and cause trouble.

Assume Good Faith Edit

Like all other wikis, Massie Block wiki is free to be edited by anyone. Nobody "owns" any one article. Once you hit "save", your article no longer belongs to you, but to the community, where others will build on it and improve it. Unless someone makes an edit to one of your pages that is truly bad faith (in which case it will be reverted), always assume that the editor had good intentions.

Actions taken against incivility Edit

Since incivility detracts from the community feel and goal of this wiki, if users are found to be upsetting other users, this is how the problem will be dealt with:

  • The user will be given a friendly warning
  • The user will be warned again
  • The user may receive a short block
  • The user will be blocked for longer
  • If the behavior continues, the user will be permanently blocked

This may seem harsh, but it's necessary. All you have to do to stay out of trouble is be polite. It's not that hard. That said, go forth and edit!