Claire Lyons

Claire Lyons
is a girl who has a Florida tan, white-blonde hair with bangs, blue eyes, wears Keds, and is from Orlando, Florida. Although she starts off as a clueless, sweet, fashion victim, her personality undergoes some changes.
Claire Lyons
Father: Jay Lyons Mother: Judy Lyons
Brother: Todd Lyons

The cruel treatment by the Pretty Committee causes her to mature, and Claire's backbone begins to show - as well as some imperfections. She temporarily abandons her friend Layne for the chance to become part of the Pretty Committee. She does, eventually, become a part of the Pretty Committee.

She has an on and off relationship with Cam Fisher, a star soccer player at Briarwood Academy. Later in the series, Claire explores the world of a professional actress in movies such as Dial L for Loser. But she eventually turns down the offer because she didn't want to leave her friends or boyfriend behind. Claire is "The Sweetheart" of the clique.Her first kiss was Josh Hotz, Alicia's then crush.

During the search for the key to the bomb shelter, Massie grows jealous of how many fans Claire has. Claire the lies to the PC so in return Massie kicked her out. Claire gets in afterwards when she finds the key, and she gets back in. Massie begs Claire not to move away to California saying everyone would miss her and Claire tells her 'Dylan and Alicia didn't care when you kicked me out.' Claire stayed in the PC and did for the entire series.