This is the 2nd book in the Clique Summer Collection spinoff series by Lisi Harrison. It was released May 2008.


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Dylan and her mom go to Hawaii to review the big russian tennis star Ilana ....
Apparently she has a huge temper and she bashed a ball girl's teeth and all of it came out.
Dylan decides it is a fresh start. She meets a cute guy namedd J.P. But there's one tiny problem, he thinks she's a tennis nut when she doesn't know a thing about it. She accompanies her mother to the interview with Ilana. Ilana is very nice and apologetic during the interview. When Dylan follows her after the interview and tries to talk to her, she lashes out at her calling her names like loserfan.
Meanwhile, Dylan was getting all this on her cell phone. She went to meet Ilana and told her about this and blackmailed her to teach her tennis lessons. If she doesn't she would give this video to her mom's show. Ilana reluctantly agrees. Dylan goes on a few dates with J.P and now is more convinced than ever that she wants tennis lessons. That was the only way to make J.P like her.
Ilana gives her lessons and tells her designer to make her new outfits. Dylan tells her to make colorful, flashy tennis outfits. J.P asks her if she can wear white again because his father doesn't like colorful tennis clothing. Dylan unknowingly slips that she is asking the lessons for a boy named J.P. Ilana says she doesn't know a boy named J.P.
Meanwhile, J.P invites her and her mother to a tennis match and are introduced to a new tennis player named Brad. Dylan notices during the game that J.P likes Ilana very much because Ilana came to the game. And when Ilana waved to Dylan , J.P was impressed. J.P figures out that Dylan was blackmailing Ilana 'cause Ilana told her and ditches Dylan and goes after Ilana. J.P deleted the video of Ilana lashing out at her.
Ilana hates compliments, so for the next match Dylan is at the ball game and shouts compliments to her and Ilana gets angry and tries to hurt her, but she doesn't succedd.
She beats J.P when he comes to see her. At the end, she ends up with Brad.
Ilana's mom gave her a contract not to tell anybody about this...

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