• You need to have glossy hair. Use Olive Oil shine to get it.
  • Massie has brown hair that reached her shoulder blades.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair two times every week.
  • Straighten your hair.
  • Wax your eyebrows and moustache (if you have one).
  • Shave your legs and arms.


  • Massie's skin is smooth. Put baby oil on after showering.
  • Massie read that rubbing your face with a towel can cause wrinkles. Never do that.


  • Buy designer clothing. If you can't, then get a lot of accesories.
  • Massie likes mini skirts, tank tops, blazers and all that. She doesn't wear pants that often, but she does wear jeans.
  • Get used to heels. Massie wears them a lot.
  • Massie loves necklaces.
  • Massie has a charm bracelet in every book.


  • Get a clique of three or four girls. Become the leader.
  • Have confidence all the time. Be brave to do something "out of the box."
  • Have clever comebacks in the back of your mind. Don't make them to mean, or else know one will like you. If you want to be like Massie, then you have to face embarrasment...and quickly push it away.
  • Have Friday night sleepovers. To do that click on
  • Get a dog. Massie has a black pug named Bean.