How to be like Alicia Rivera!Edit

1.'To get the look.Alicia has long silky black hair and with it,you can make different kinds of hairstyles and add hair accesories and even a knit cap. She also has tanned skin but you do not have to do this if you don't want to.'Her breasts are a size D - cup BUT (that's what guys find attractive about her like Josh Hotz) but if you don't wear a size D then leave your breasts alone unless you want to be stupid and add wads of tissue paper in your bra.Please don't do that! Alicia is known to be extremely beautiful and the prettiest girl in OCD but do not over exaggerate and try to make yourself look good.Just make sure you're comfortable with whatever you're wearing and do not look like a slut either and easy on the makeup.Use light,natural shades and do not wear heavy makeup.

2.Learn a little Spanish and get to know a little about Spain considering that Alicia is half Spanish.

3.Alicia has an obsession with Ralph Lauren clothes and Marc Jacobs and buys only designer and brand clothes.Face it,we cannot afford pricey and extremely exspensive clothes like that so buy your clothes at Aero,Abercrombie,American Eagle,etc.Note that Alicia's clothes seems like grown - up women clothes but I don't think teens should wear clothes like that.

4.Buy accessories and jewelry at Forever 21 or Kay Jewelers and make sure you carry a designer bag with you and store in a notepad, a pen, mints,lipgloss,lotion, your cellphone,etc.

5.Have at least 3 or 4 friends and make sure you are the beta ( second - in - command).Try finding the perfect times to use words like "point", "i heart that" and hold out a single palm,too.

'6.One of Alicia's signature is her non - stop wearing Angel perfume.Since Angel perfume does not exist,just wear any of your favorite perfume very often. Alicia is also very sneeky and a little devious and a little mean but nicer than Massie but, BE YOURSELF.You don't have to have Alicia's attitude and always have witty comebacks ready when someone is against you.'But stay the way you are.Alicia is fictional.

7.Alicia is a reporter at OCD and you can be one too at your school if you like,but you don't have to if you don't want to