It's Not Easy Being Mean is the seventh book in The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison. The book was published in March 2007.


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The PC get an envelope from the alpha of the eight grade, Skye Hamilton. IT said that there's a key that can open a secret room at OCD. Naturally it would go to the alpha of the 7th garde, but since it was the 5th anniversary she decided to some people a chance. So, the mission is to find the key. She said it was under a boy's mattress (a boy which she kissed). Massie decides she has to find the key or it would be social sucide if an LBR found it.

Claire gets an offer from a good manager to star in his movie. But she has to cut and dye her hair for that. She is disappointed when nobody asks her about the new haircut and the movie. Alicia gets a list of all the boys Skye kissed and they start investigating. They find out that she had kissed many boys and Cam's brother was one of them. So they fix the day on Monday. THen Claire find out that she has a meeting with the director so she asks Massie to postpone to date to Friday. She lies about Cam's uncle coming on Monday because she didn't want the girls alone with Cam.

THroughout their investigation, Massie and Alicia find out new things about their crushes. THey decide to go to
Cam's house anyway and they figure out that Claire lied to them and Massie kicks Claire out of the PC.

Claire, dejected, goes to Layne's house. Layne tells her that the key is under her brother's mattress. THey get the key and call the PC. They make a deal, they give Massie the key if they let Claire back in. THey give Skye the key. The books ends in suspense when SKye opens the door and everyone gasps shocked.

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