Alicia Rivera's polo-loving crush. Josh has chocolate brown eyes, plays soccer for the Briarwood Tomhawks, is a New York Yankees fan, and loves Ralph Lauren clothing as much as Alicia does. He also enjoys the gossip.

He first appears in book 4; it is rumored that he got kicked out of his old school for pulling the fire alarm. In the same book, Alicia develops a crush on him, and Claire makes out with him to spite Cam, which earns her the top spot on Alicia's bad list.

In book 7, Alicia drops him because he has a freakishly clean room, but in book 8, it is revealed through ESP that his room is freakishly clean because he forces his little sister to clean his room. Her crush on him is back, and they attend Skye Hamilton's 8th grade graduation party together as the Laurens. She later is forced to dump him again, when Massie declares a 'boy fast'. Of course, they secrety come up with a plan to stay together without Massie knowing, they read Burn's announcements because he loves gossip. Josh Hotz is a total hart.