This is the 4th book in the Clique Summer Collection by Lisi Harrison. It was released on July 2008.


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Kristen is stuck spending her summer tutoring Ripple Baxter, a 9-year-old Massie wanna-be, in math who is only using Kristen to perfect her Massie attitude. Just when Kristen is about to dump her summer jobby, she meets Ripple's older brother Dune, and falls for him. Since her friends are away for the summer, she asks for the advice from SBFF's (Summer Best Friends), Layne Abeley, Danh Bondok, Rachel Walker, and Aimee Snyder.
Just when Kristen is about to make a move on Dune, former 8th grade alpha, Skye Hamilton shows up wearing nothing but an itsy bitsy bikini and attracts all the boys away from Kristen. Lucky for Kristen, Skye applied for a boarding school and if accepted will be moving.
But the bad news someone lost Skye's essay in the mail. But once again the Witty Committee comes to the rescue and Aimee writes Skye a new letter and Skye gets accepted. Long story short, Kristen and Dune end in a romantic relationship...for now

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