1. First you need to get a super cute background! You can get diamonds, rhinestones, or the color purple. Massie loves the color purple! Also get a nice theme. :)

2. Next, you need an ah-mazing animated header! Animation is better b/c it's way more interesting. There are many Massie Block GIFs awn-line.

3. Have a super great blog! You need all the basic pages, like State of The Union and Massiequin. Be creative and add your own ideas, too, like a Gossip page where viewers share their gossip.

4. Get your own Pretty Committee! You need a Leesh, Dyl, and Kris. Maybe even a Claire too. Make sure they are loyal, worthy girls that will stay with you long and won't betray you!

5. Have interesting posts, awf course! If your blog is beautiful but the posts aren't, you still won't get viewers. Have parties, sleepovers, psot news, etc!

6. Use examples to give you ideas! Ah-mazing Massie blogs are and

7. Act like a great alpha!