We all know Massie is a master at coming up with quotes and disses. Massie's quotes are usally questions, like Are you a ____? Then why are you _____? Some of her quotes are below.

1. Do I sell fertilizer? ... Then why do I give a crap? 2. Did i invite u to my barbecue? ... Then why are you all up in my grill? 3. Did I ask you to take my temperature? ... Then why are you all up in my butt? 4. Are you a diaper? ... Then why are you so pissed? 5. Are you a calendar? ... Because your days are numbered. 6. Are you Will Ferrell? ... Because you don't make me laugh. 7. Do you have a towel? ... Because you're all washed up. 8. Are you having flash backs of your last soccer game? ... Then why are you so eager to score. 9. AH-DORABLE! 10. Kuh-laire 11. Ehmagod. 12. Are you a pair of bulls? ... Then why are you acting so horny? 13. Just wait 'till tomorrow. Why? Cuz you get better looking every day! 14. Somebody call the fashion police. I'm making the citizen's arrest.

So, if you wanna act like Massie, you need the disses!