Massie Block


NameMassie Block
NicknamesMass (Her friends only), Block (Exclusive to Derrington), Massie (by everyone)
BirthplaceWestchester,New York
Birth DayJuly 25
Age12 (books)

12 (movie)

ActorElizabeth McLaughlin
First AppearanceThe Clique (book)

Massie Block is the leader of the Pretty Committee, and the queen of her school, Octavian Country Day (OCD). She has thick brunette hair, amber eyes with golden specks in them, and a laser-whitened-never-needs-braces smile. She is mostly known as the leader of the infamous "Pretty Committee".

Personality Edit

  • Massie's strong points are her charisma and wit. Massie always has confidence, and even if she is wrong, she'll never admit it. Secretly, she is very insecure and is the most unsure about herself in the group. She is loved but envied by OCD students. She has a strong hate for public schools, especially because OCD is a private all-girls school. She really does have confidence, as mentioned before, but she does cry - in front of her dog, Bean, who she confides all of her deepest and darkest secrets to. She has a rude sense of humor towards LBRs (Losers Beyond Repair), and is only somewhat a little nicer to her friends - if she wants to say something, she'll say it. She enjoys giving LBRs labels, such as Candy Corn and Braille Bait.Massie can be rude but nice if she wants to

Appearance Edit

Massie, as mentioned before, has brunette hair and amber eyes with golden flecks. She is the hottest thing i ever did see, and i love her! She is described as beautiful, but not as beautiful as her clique's beta, Alicia Rivera. As of the first book in the Clique Summer collection, Massie, Massie gets a purple streak that enables her many privileges. She is very fashion-forward and is the style-setter of OCD. She only buys from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci, not to mention many more, and she hates anything non-designer, such as all of Claire's clothes.


  • William Block (Father)
  • Kendra Block (Mother)
  • Bean (her dog)
  • Brownie (her horse)


Books - Main Series Edit

Charmed and Dangerous - The Rise of the Pretty Committee (Prequel, written after 'These Boots Were Made for Stalking

The Clique Series:

Best Friends for NeverEdit

Revenge of the WannabesEdit

Invasion of the Boy SnatchersEdit

The Pretty Committee Strikes backEdit

Dial L For LoserEdit

It's Not Easy Being MeanEdit

Sealed with a DissEdit

Bratfest at Tiffany'sEdit

P.S. I Loathe YouEdit

Boys R UsEdit

These Boots Are Made for StalkingEdit

My Little PhonyEdit

A Tale of Two PrettiesEdit

Books - Summer Collection (Massie, Kristan, Dylan, and Claire) Edit


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