Massie Block is the alpha of the exclusive pretty committee.She has a few credit cards and has acess to ultra exclusive clubs.With her BFF Alicia Rivera - Beta or 2nd in command and redheaded beauty Dylan Marvil and superstar athlete Kristen Gregory.They are the most populer, spoiled, richest girls in campus.Massie thought her life was perfect she is the Queen of everything and she gets everything she wants then enters Claire Lyons from florida. Massie hates her she's poor and has nothing to do with her and they all make fun of her making her life misrieble. In the movie Claire snuck into Massie's room and e-mailed all her BFF telling lies and making them ditch Massie to makr her a LBR - Loser Beyond Repair.Massie's favorite color is purple because it is the color of royalty. She loves horse back riding.