Massie Block has style, confidence, the P.C. (pretty committee), boys and a million girls that dream about being her. Massie Block has a total Queen Bee status and knows how to use it! Well, here are some pointers on how to be Massie Block!

1. She has chesnut brown shoulder length hair. She has a purple streak where many girls have side bangs.

2. She has amazing comebacks and never lets anything get to her. Read the novels for more on that.

3. Her favorite color is purple. Try to learn to love purple and white.

4. She is skinny. Get fit! are you trying to call us fat? posted by a fan of the clique..............

5. She only wears designer clothes. Buy something that at least looks designer. No knockoffs!

6. start your own clique and have a cool name.

7. Find a preppy hobby!

8. Use light makeup. Always carry a ton of lipgloss.

9. You dot have to be rich! Just have CUTE clothess :)

10. Make sure to go on shopping trips every weekend.

11. Make sure the girls KNOW you are the alpha.

12. Have outfit checks as well as hair makeup and teeth

13. Go on boyfasts once a year

14. Come up with rules

15. If someone breaks one rule in The PC they are out.

16. Get friendship charm bracelets for your group

17. Be confident!Believe in yourself!

18. Never show insecurities!

19. Make people envy you. Start hot trends!

20. Act like you don't care when you are jealous of some one or something. if you don't, you look weak.