Olivia plays as Alicia Rivera's alternative BFF, fore she is not a member of the Pretty Committee. She is described as being "a dumb blond", fore she is naive and lacks logical thinking. Olivia wears knock-off stuff and got a nose job, so Alicia started calling her Faux-livia. It also states in Revenge of the Wannabes that she wants to be friends with Massie Block and be part of the Pretty Committee. Alicia shows hatred of her in Sealed with a Diss, but the reason is not quite clear.


Olivia is described as being "perfect" except for in the brains department . She and her friend, Alicia Rivera are nick-named by the Briarwood boys"The Twenty" because they are both rated tens. She is written in having buttery blond waves and Tiffinay blue box eyes. Her nose is a perfect ski-slope (thanks to multiple plastic surgeries), and is a "beach babe", and is said to be beautiful in a different way than Alicia.


All that is known about her family is that she has one brother and an older sister. Her older sister is mentioned in It's not Easy Being Mean when she wants Claire to call her. Find it on page 36. Her brother's name is Andy as it explains in Bratfest at Tiffany's on page 145.

Love LifeEdit

Olivia attracts a lot of attention from boys due to her beauty. In Best Friends for Never, Cam Fisher and Derrington seem to take slight interest in her.

In the Pretty Committee Strikes Back, Chris Plovert has a crush on her. She's not in a relationship till Bratfest at Tiffany's, when she's dating Cam Fisher. Cam dumped her when she left her Health class infant in her locker and Claire Lyons finds it.