Revenge of the Wannabes is the 3rd book in The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison.


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In the novel, Alicia plans on stealing Massie's throne as the alpha and tries to start her own Clique.
At the end of Best Friends for Never, Alicia and Olivia cheat the costume contest and win, Massie should have but they switched the boxes, and now they have a Teen Vogue interview. Alicia thinks Massie didn't know what she did, even though she knew it all along. They go to the interview and find that they and a couple of friends can model for the Christmas issue.Also Massie is secretly in love with Will in Best Friends for Never.
Massie calls the editor pretending to be Alicia and scores her and the PC a modeling contract, too. Alicia doesn't know about it, though. She tries to ignore Massie but she was called to the GLU headquarter to be let know that there will be no uniforms and that she is out of the Clique.
So, Alicia and Olivia gather up dirt on her old Clique from Todd, Claire's brother, and try to turn the group away from Massie, and almost succeeds, but no one can defeat Massie, not even Alicia.
In the end, Strawberry, Kori, and Olivia are out of Alicia's life and everyone became friends again...or so it seems.

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