With big tiffany-box blue eyes, long, buttery blonde waves, and a boundless tutu collection, Skye Hamilton is the sweet-yet-evil 8th grade alpha at OCD.

Her parents own Body Alive Dance Studio, and she wears mainly dance couture clothes. She loves animals, glitter pens, all things mini, dance, and... BOYS! somewhat of a guy magnet, she is the leader of the all-blonde 8th grade It Clique, the DSL daters.

Though she comes across as really sweet, she's really just as tricky as Massie- and she's the one person Massie admittedly envies.

Skye has a very signature wardrobe- with a bangle for each boy she kisses, all the leggings she could ever want, and the occasional coach purse, there's just no one like her. Her clique, the DSL daters are all blondes, adding to the trademark even more.

In The Kristen Summer Collection Skye wants to kiss Dune Baxter, Kristen's love interest, but fails when instead of diving into a pool, dives into a pool of Jell-O that Layne sets up to help Kristen date Dune. Skye goes to Alpha Academy once she reaches highschool and focuses on dance.