The Clique is the first book in The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison. The book was published in May 2004.


A new girl, Claire, comes and moves in the alpha Massie Block's guest house in Westchester. She's from Orlando, Florida. She starts off horribly because of how she dresses, GAP overalls and Keds, so Massie and the rest of the Pretty Committee make her life miserable. On the 1st day they poured red paint on her butt and made it look like she had started her period. There Claire met the school nurse, Mrs. Adele, a friend. Claire also hung out with an LBR, Layne Abeley. Massie, started hanging out with Chris Abeley at her stable. She adores him. She even becomes friends with Layne just to get closer to Chris! EEWW. At the benefit party she finds out he has a girlfriend and ends up having a good time with Claire in the bushes hiding from their drunk fathers. Claire becomes in the p.c in the books! :)