The title Clique. A group to end all groups.

The Pretty Committee.

They're everything you want to be- beautiful, rich, envied, stylish... they're the ones we love, hate, and idolize. Or, at least, the ones everyone at OCD idolizes. This group is the Alpha Clique, and consists of Massie Block (alpha!), Alicia Rivera (beta), Dylan Marvil(the insecure one), Kristin Gregory (the blonde bombshell, even if she is flat-chested and on scholarship), and occasionally Claire Lyons (the scapegoat who is sometimes a second in command).

Though at first glance, they seem to be merely shallow, catty, beautiful people, you soon see that they really have the same insecurities and fears as all their readers-that the In Crowd sometimes feels out, that the people at the center of the universe feel like they're on the edges sometimes.