The Pretty Committee Strikes Back is the fifth book in The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison. The book was published in March 2006.


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This book is about when OCD and Briarwood go on a field trip.
The Pretty Committee go to Lake Placid.
Kristen can't go because her parents can't afford it.
Massie opens a kissing clinic when she really doesn't know how to kiss. It's called MUCK (Massie's Underground Clinic for Kissing) and the people in it have to pay for each lesson. That money went to Kristen who was trying to raise the money to go to Lake Placid. They go there on a bus.
Alicia tries to find out who Josh Hotz likes because she has a crush on him. Claire feels guilty because Claire kissed him at the end of the soccer match and Cam caught them. She knows that Josh likes her. Alicia tries to find out through Olivia. Massie asks Claire to help her how to kiss. Claire says yes and only if she helps her get Cam back.
Alicia soon learns that Josh likes Claire and Claire kissed Josh. Surprisingly, she is not mean to Claire. Claire asks Alicia to give a message to Cam now that he is talking to her (thanks to Massie). Alicia gives it. The message was told that Cam was to Claire at a certain time.
When Derrington finds out that Massie is giving kissing lessons, he is mad thinking she kissed someone else. The other girls figure out that Massie was lying about having kissing experience.
Kristen comes to Lake Placid. No one knows she is there except for Massie, Claire, Alicia and Dylan.
When Claire goes to see Cam, she sees that he was just about to kiss Alicia. Claire runs away crying. Cam figures out the girl iS Alicia.
Massie gets Claire to help her win her popularity back. The plan was to make the girls see Derrington and Massie making out.
It works. And Derrington is confused because she forcedly kissed him. She explains to him and they kiss one more time.
Claire and Alicia get things figured out, but not before Claire gets revenge by telling the teacher that the bloody panties are Alicia's, when they are really Layne's.
Massie helps Cam and Claire get back together.
Dylan sees her mom and her history teacher kissing and runs to the woods, which is forbidden. The Pretty Committee run after her. Finally, when Dylan's mom and her history teacher find them. They are mad to see Kristen there and mad that they ran away.

The school expels them. Kristen is sad and mad because she lost her scholarship.

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